Spapium Little Prairie Farm Case Study

34 Competitors

The immediate, direct competitor for any food item is the local grocery store, the Lytton Market. Other vendors at the farmers’ markets compete with SF, as do farm stands along the highway that tourists or local residents might be driving by, though no particular one was identified by SF.

With regards to activities like farm tours, SF competes with companies that offer other activities in the area. For example, Kumsheen Rafting Resort is nearby and very busy in the summer. SF is also on the Gold Rush Trail and, therefore, competing with other local businesses along that trail. Potential customers can always choose non-organized activities like hiking as well.

However, as discussed further down under “Marketing Opportunities,” any competitors in the area always have the potential to become partners, creating inclusive experiences and providing reasons for customers to stay longer.

I would definitely agree that anybody that would be, maybe, considered a competitor would actually be considered an asset because of the fact that it’s such a small village. Anything going on is actually benefiting us because it’s bringing in people to the village.

SF acknowledged that visitors are used to “glamping” these days, and their camping offers might be too rustic for some. As such, there are plans to upgrade accommodation options so that visitors can join additional activities and also have a comfortable place to stay.


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