Be Inspired! Events and Event Planning (BIE) Case Study

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Information included in this case study was collected during a personal interview with Be Inspired! Events and Event Planning’s owner, Julie John. All quotes listed in this case study are from the video interview with Julie.

John, J. (2021, March 10). Personal interview.


Raven Institute. (2019, June 20). Julie John [Video]. Vimeo.


Julie John, MBA, Owner, Be Inspired! Events and Event Planning

Biggi Weischedel, PhD, Open Learning Faculty Member

Marie Bartlett, MA, Instructional Designer, Learning Design and Innovations

Justin Frudd, MA, Editor, Curriculum Services

Nicole Singular, BEd, Graphic Designer, Curriculum Development

Jonathon Fulton, BFA, Video Producer, Learning Technology and Innovations Group

Stephanie Gountas, BCS, Curriculum Multimedia Developer