Be Inspired! Events and Event Planning (BIE) Case Study

38 Introduction

Julie John’s business—Be Inspired! Events and Event Planning (BIE)—provides a wealth of information for this case study on marketing of Indigenous businesses. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Julie shared the marketing issues and challenges she experienced starting and operating her business from Chase, BC. In this case study, we will explore topics such as target markets, competitors, marketing channels, Indigenous business ownership, entrepreneurship, marketing support, and social media marketing.

Exploring and showcasing Indigenous local culture has been a focus for Thompson Rivers University (TRU) for years. Accordingly, we strive to include Indigenous content into our business courses, which this case study supports by exploring issues experienced by Indigenous businesses. As a significant and important niche business in British Columbia and in Canada, Indigenous business ownership is growing and flourishing. The following case outlines the current situation for BIE, setting the scene for students to assess marketing opportunities, justify marketing recommendations, and rationalize strategic marketing approaches.


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