This compilation of Indigenous Business Case Studies, focusing on the BC Interior, explores marketing challenges and approaches of a variety of indigenous-owned businesses. The authors had the opportunity to have conversations with the business owners and feel honoured to have been trusted with information and data to put this collection together.

Within this collection, we present case studies that can be used in various marketing and management courses.

Business Thank you to:
Gift ‘n Gab Trading Post Kathie Heard
MoccasinTrails Greg Hopf
Quaaout Lodge Cammeo Goodyear, Adam Blair, Alexandra Miege
Spapium Little Prairie Farm Paula Cranmer-Underhill and Brianna Underhill
Spirit of the Lake Native Boutique Tasha Mae Swite
Be Inspired! Events and Event Planning Julie John

We are grateful for the support from TRU Open Learning, the School of Business and Economics at TRU, as well as the TRU Open Educational Resources Development Grant.


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